Praise for Abundantly Well

"Abundantly Well is literally the most honest guide for healing I've ever seen. Susun invites you on a journey through disease, healing, and wellness with simple profound truths at every turn that are at once powerfully accessible and revealing of the inner healer within all of us."
Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D, L.Ac.

"Wisdom, love, clarity and compassion shine through Abundantly Well. Wellness is a revolution. Let Susun be your guide."
Astrid Grove, Founder : Mountain West Women's Herbal Gathering

"A book for those who want health and are willing to say 'No' to what they don't want. Brilliant."
Larch Hanson, the seaweed man

"Being unwell is frightening and lonely. Throughout your journey into wellness, allow Susun, through this book, to be your knowledgeable and compassionate guide."
Heather Níc an Fhleisdeir, Clinical Herbalist & Apothecary

"Here is a beautifully wise book that takes us to the deepest core levels of healing that brings about true transformation."
Brigitte Mars, Natural First Aid

"Susun is a visionary in health. There is really only one medicine, whether it be natural, alternative, or standard. Either it works or it does not. Either it has some degree of risk, or it does not. It has credibility from studies or a long tradition of effectiveness and safety, or it does not. This is what Susun gives you."
Wayne Dillard, DO, formerly of Tufts School of Medicine

"Filled with compassionate counsel, illuminating stories of healing, and step by step guidance through the daunting maze of the modern medical system."
Robin Rose Bennett, The Gift of Healing Herbs

"A truly remarkable and comprehensive resource, amazingly complete, well researched and clear. A super valuable guide."
Betzy Bancroft, Core Faculty VCIH

"Instructive, inspiring, filled with insight and love. Medical doctors: This book offers a profound vision of what your practice could become. Should be on the shelf of anyone healing themselves or others."
Sharol Tilgner, ND

"A unique and comprehensive guide brilliantly formatted in an unusually friendly way to galvanize you to take your health into your own loving hands."
Vajra Ma, Great Goddess Org.

"Susun Weed inspires me to ever greater health and vitality! Even after 30 years, I'm still awed by her guidance and wisdom. Abundantly Well is a must-have for every kitchen table."
Ann Drucker, Herbalist

"A delight. Every page is filled with so much information, makes you want to engage in your own health that much more."
Feather Jones, Herbalist, Sedona Teas

"Beautifully written and a pleasure to read, Abundantly Well is now my first 'go to' reference. I simply cannot say enough about it. Buy two copies and give one to a friend. This book will change the way that you consider your health and well being and the way that you approach your health care options."
Barbara WhiteHorse Volk, Woman living with the Earth

"You will want this in your library for generations to come. Susun's unique approach saved my life. I am forever grateful and you will be too."
Linda Conroy, Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

"A heart-felt, information-packed resource guide for navigating your unique path to greater health If you only read one book this year, let it be this one." for everybody interested in the deep medicine of life."
EagleSong Evans Gardener, Herbalist Earth Keeper

"An insightful guide to authentic, powerful health care. Susun's clear thinking, deep wisdom, and joyful voice shine through in Abundantly Well."
Lisa Natoli, Shamanic Herbal Apprentice